Location: Midvale, UT


GRIP6 was conceived in a garage just like this. There wasn’t a boardroom table or capital expense account, just a few guys and a willingness to go all-in on an idea that they believed in. That idea was brought to the table by founder BJ Minson. An engineer by trade, BJ is a self-proclaimed minimalist, who by nature, looks at everything he owns and asks, “Can I get rid of this?" If the answer is no, the next question is "How can I make this simpler and easier?” Eventually, those questions were asked of his belt. The answer led BJ to look at his belt in a way that he never had before. It was bulky, it didn’t hold tight, last long, or look good. He went into his garage and approached the problems as an engineer. When he emerged, his solution became the foundation of a company.


The GRIP6 approach is an interesting balance between making something as simple and clean as possible, but getting ambitiously integrated (and occasionally complicated) to make that happen. The ultimate goal is to make a product that's simpler, better and higher quality than everything else. We take quality very seriously and guarantee our products for life. To achieve these lofty goals, we do almost everything in-house: product design, manufacturing, order fulfillment, quality control, shipping, packaging design, video production, photography, printing, and much more.


One of our company goals is to change the typical product life-cycle for the products we engineer. We don't believe in disposable products or planned obsolescence. We build products to last for decades. We make our products from high-quality materials so they don't break or wear prematurely. At the end of a good long life, our products can be recycled. While we develop everyday products, we focus on simplicity and quality. If we can't bring significant innovation to a product by simplifying it and making it function better, we don't do it. We build our products to stand apart as innovative, simple, higher quality, and long-lasting.