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Location: Chattanooga, TN


Phone: (423) 227-9794

Outdoor Industry Experience: My passion for the outdoors steered me into the outdoor Industry 27 years ago by getting a job working Outdoor Retail at High Country Outfitters in Atlanta, GA. Making many connections while working at High Country it opened up the opportunity to make the jump into Independent Repping. I started as a Tech Rep, and eventually broke off and started my own business with the relationships built after 2 years. AMG Started once I started hiring employees about 13 years ago.

Recreation Activities: Mountain Biking, Bike packing, Rock Climbing, Paddling, Backpacking, Hiking, Spending time with the Family, Travelling, fly fishing, heck just being outside.

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Location: Charlottesville, VA


Phone: (540) 817-1383

Outdoor Industry Experience: After completing her BS in Outdoor Recreation and Education Wendy spent time in universities at Radford, Hollins University and Sweet Briar College. After finishing her MS in Recreation and Counseling she worked and Florida State before heading into park and recreation in Charleston, SC. After teaching and leading trips for 15 years she went back to what helped pay her education, outdoor retail. There was 5 years at REI in Madison, WI and then 3 years with Title Nine. But the mountains called her back to Virginia to be a buyer and General Manager at Walkabout Outfitter. In 2015 she jumped the table to start working with Adventure Marketing Group. In this position she gets to assist the buyer and stores while the rest of the team are on the road. She attends most trade shows and sales meetings.

Recreation Activities: Hiking, her dog, backpacking and being in or on the river. The latest obsession is quickly becoming fly fishing!

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Location: Asheville, NC


Phone: (615) 962-5753

Outdoor Industry Experience: My hobbies led me to an Outdoor Industry career in my college days when the local outfitter shop was looking for help. After attending my first clinic, I knew becoming a rep would be the job for me. When I graduated college I was offered a tech rep position with a major footwear brand. After a couple years I went on to manage one of their franchised retail stores in Nashville, TN. Growing tired of the "city life," it was time to relocate to my favorite vacation town, Asheville. There I reconnected with an old rep friend and joined the AMG team in 2013.

Recreation Activities: Mountain biking, camping, skiing, playing music, and sitting by rivers.

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Location: Chattanooga, TN


Phone: (407) 416-6577

Outdoor Industry Experience: My Outdoor Industry journey started in October 2013 in Orlando FL at a family run outfitter named Travel Country. I spent a little over 5 years at TCO, starting off as a sales floor associate. After acquiring a ton of Outdoor Product knowledge and outstanding customer service practices, I was promoted to Supervisor/Assistant Manager. I always enjoyed informing new hires on the procedures of TCO but also some important info on the of the amazing product lines that we offered at the store. My passion for fashion/outdoor apparel allowed me to become one of the Men’s buyers for TCO as well. I also helped with Social Media Postings and Events that TCO did throughout the year. As of February 2019, I decided to leave TCO and continue my Outdoor Industry Journey. In March 2019 I moved up to Chattanooga TN and joined the AMG team as their new Tech Rep/Event Coordinator. I’ve been traveling around the Southeast Territory visiting the accounts that carry the brands AMG represents. Been enjoying educating, meeting/creating relationships with the accounts’ staff. This new opportunity has given me a great new perspective of the Outdoor Industry. I look forward to growing with the AMG family and excited for what’s to come!

Recreation Activities: Rock climbing (Bouldering/Sport Climbing), Yoga, Hiking, Biking. Enjoy almost any active that gets me out into nature.