Location: Longmont, CO

With over 120 years of backpack development experience, Deuter has the led the international technical pack market for many generations. Developing innovative and high-quality packs, Deuter's pack line focuses on carry comfort, ventilation and superior fit. From backpacking to bike commuting, from high alpine to the forests, from the airport to the crag... we have you covered with intuitive product for all types of adventure. Did you know that our earliest years involved crafting beer-garden tents for Oktoberfest? Since then, we invented the first Bike specific pack, revolutionized the Kid Carrier, and even had a CEO climb Everest in jeans. We no longer make tents for Oktoberfest, but we still believe a good hefeweizen should remain a strong part of our company culture!

In addition to standing tall in product development, Deuter also shines bright with stellar corporate responsibility practices. As a longstanding member of both Bluesign and Fair Wear Foundation, Deuter is constantly working to set the standard for environmental sustainability, supply chain efficiency, and maintaining award-winning working conditions. We also have an exclusive producer in Vietnam, a partner of 20 + years, which promotes transparency, teamwork, and the highest level of production standards. Starting in summer 2020, all Deuter products will be PFC-free, to protect the environment and the health of our customers. The Deuter brand stands behind our products with the Deuter Promise, an effort at keeping all customers on the trail and as many packs out of the landfills as possible. This is our promise to customer service, product durability, and environmental impact whenever possible.

Deuter has reigned strong from its German origin since 1898 and has since become a large player in the US market for almost two decades.  For more information on Deuter products, brand philosophy, and corporate responsibility, click the button below.

We are: Crazy about mountain sports. Trailblazing. Connecting. Responsible.